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I love using spice blends when cooking. They make dinner interesting.  Olde Westport Spice & Trading Company is a 33-year-old spice manufacturer that is still going strong. This online company operates a small plant in Goodland, Kansas, and claims to know a thing or two about spices, seasonings and soups. This family owned and operated company was originally founded in the Kansas City area and has stayed true to its mission of making custom spice blends for main meal dishes and appetizers as well as nearly 20 varieties of dry soups.

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In the winter, our power bill sometimes gets really high.  We keep our house on a reasonable temperature (66 degrees) and we try to conserve energy as much as possible.  Last month’s bill was higher than expected so I decided to call the power company and investigate.  I was connected to an Energy Adviser, who gave me a ton of tips on how to save more money on our bill.  I’m going to pass these ideas on to my readers as well.

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My family loves a quick breakfast because we are usually on-the-go.  I love breakfast sandwiches but they are expensive and you don’t know what goes into them.  I have the solution!  Make your own.  I found a tasty buttermilk biscuit recipe in The American Girls Cookbook (Addy’s version). Those cookbooks are awesome.  The recipes are easy and you learn something!  My kids love helping and we rent the books from the library!   It was easy and cheap to make 12 buttermilk biscuits.  Then you can just make add some eggs, cheese, whatever you want.  You’ll have hearty breakfast sandwiches that are both good for your tummy and your wallet.

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When I was pregnant with my daughter, my husband and I ate take-out probably 4 times a week.  I was tired and nauseated all the time.  I really couldn’t  have cared less about what I made for dinner.  This was one of my biggest mistakes and a complete money-waster.  The first thing I did when we started saving more money was create a meal planning chart.  It saved me time since I wasn’t pressed to figure out a meal that day and still wonder if I actually had time to make it.  It saved money since I used the stuff I already bought and it saved our waistlines since I was trying out new recipes that focused on healthy foods.

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It’s hard to believe but I wasn’t always this cheap (ahem, frugal).  I used to frivolously spend money on things that I didn’t need and/or couldn’t really afford.  I had just given birth to our first child when my husband and I decided to really buckle down and start being adults about money.  That’s when we also decided that I would quit my full time job of five years and become a stay at home mom.  We knew we would have to kiss our old lifestyle goodbye in order to pay off debt, buy a house and start a savings plan.  We knew HOW to do it, we just had to take the first step on this new journey.

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