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Sometimes I find myself busier during the winter than the summer!  Then other times, it feels like I’m going to kill somebody if I don’t find something to do outside of the house.  As you know, I also pride myself on finding free or reasonably priced events.  I am here to tell you that there are still a ton of fun, free (or low cost) events in your area, even in the winter.  Trust me.  We live in a beach town so if I can find stuff, you can too.  Some of the places that we find things to do include:

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My daughter and I were lucky enough to attend a Craft Night at one of our favorite local consignment shops, KidzClozet.  We haven’t shopped there in awhile so we were so excited to drop by and check it out again.  It didn’t disappoint!  They have really expanded and have a ton more merchandise than I remembered.  They sell kids, junior and maternity clothes at great prices and everything is in great condition.  They have books and even a room with toys and other family-related things in the back of the store.  They have a kid’s play area and my daughter couldn’t get enough.  That was my favorite too since I could shop in peace for a bit!

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I was so honored to be chosen to host a Benefit Cosmetics and Birchbox Beauty Bash to celebrate Wing Women, our real partners in crime!  I chose 5 women who know me well and who also share my love of cosmetics. I am friends with a variety of women so it was awesome that my party was a combination of all ages and generations.buy Seroquel uk

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There’s nothing like that first chill in the air to get you excited for fall! It’s definitely my favorite season and there is so much to do! As you may know by now, I am a total geek and I love to make lists. Every season, my family and I make a list of fun things we want to do together before its over. Fall is always a long list but a very fun list. Here goes:

*Go on a hayride
*Take a road trip
*Go apple-picking

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*Carve pumpkins
*Go to the pumpkin patch

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*Visit Port Discovery in Baltimore
*Go to Sesame Place
*Donate blood
*Go to a festival
*Hike a trail
*Walk for charity
*Make stew in the crockpot

*Attend Punkin Chunkin

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*Go to a craft show
*Decorate for fall

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*Try a new recipe
*Drink cider
*Bake pumpkin bread
*Host a Halloween kids party
*Plan our Halloween costumes

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*Buy a mum
*Make a new play dough recipe
*Write a letter to a friend
*Clean out and have a yardsale
*Make pine cone bird feeders
*Go to a local football game
*Make applesauce
*Host a pinterest party
*Have a pumpkin spice frappuchino at Starbucks

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*Get a start on Christmas gifts

I think this is a good start. I try to keep costs down and do one thing per week. I got the Sesame Place tickets on Groupon, for instance. We have so many things to look forward to! What are some things that you are planning to do this fall? What would you add to the list?

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If there’s one thing I love in life, it’s a quick getaway.  So when buy cheapest Seroquelbuy no prior prescription Seroquel recently hosted a sampling trip to Atlantic City, New Jersey,  I naturally did everything in my power to be invited.  The way buy cheapest Seroquelbuy no prior prescription Seroquel works is you answer survey questions, take photos, participate in challenges and other various activities for different companies in exchange for samples, gift cards, and prizes!  This is the first time they ever had a sampling that included a free trip!  My sister and I decided to live it up in style for one night.  CrowdTap sent an itinerary that included a cocktail hour and a night on the town, complete with a gift bag. Upon arrival, I checked into Caesars and was told that my room was upgraded to a suite!  Sweet, it was too.  The view was beautiful and the room was so luxurious.  I wish I was able to spend more time there!


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The cocktail hour was at H2O, a pool bar in the Golden Nugget.  I like the Golden Nugget since it still has that old Atlantic City atmosphere.  Though dated, it was so charming.  Although, I heard that they plan on doing a lot of renovations.  H2O is a beautiful pool bar with great views of the city.  They even offered a free yoga class on Thursdays to hotel guests!


After the cocktail party, we were taken by the jitney to the boardwalk to experience the Sand Sculpting World Cup.  If you ever get a chance to go to this event, take it!  It’s FREE and the pieces are so amazing.  You’ll wonder how someone could do this with sand!  I took a photo of the rules just so you could see how structured and professional the competition is too.  I honestly couldn’t pick a favorite. My sister and I spent a good hour here just checking out everyone’s work.  Plus, one dollar gets you a vote in the people’s choice award.



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The other thing I love about the boardwalk is all the beautiful architecture.  The casinos are so extravagant and since I’m not a gambler, I just love taking in the sites.  You see all types of people on the boardwalk too so it’s a people-watching paradise!  My sister and I just sat for awhile and watched everyone.  There is also a small skate park that is interesting to sit near.  At night, there is also a pretty light show right across from the Miss America statue.  It runs pretty frequently so you will always be able to catch it.  Of course, I had to take my picture with the Miss America statue.  No trip is complete without it.  Next time, I’ll get one during the day so you can really see it!  The boardwalk offers a great variety of food, shopping and fun.  There’s something for everyone, even on a budget.

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My sister and I ended our night by getting desserts from the hotel. It’s kind of a tradition with our family.  We have to test out the desserts everywhere we go.  They were delicious, of course.  We had a hard time choosing.

In the morning, I had enough time to visit the breakfast buffet.  However, I wasn’t too impressed with that.  It was the only thing open in the hotel and it wasn’t worth the money.  I wish I had more time and I would’ve went to another hotel on the boardwalk for breakfast.

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If you live in the area, Atlantic City is a great place, full of fun, culture and excitement for all ages.  I spent less than $100 on my entire trip, including gas and tolls!

Here are some tips:

-Plan ahead.  I know I’m beating a dead horse with this one, but 9 times out of 10, if you want a good deal you HAVE to do this.

-Use Groupon, Living Social, Deal Chicken, etc for great deals when traveling.  Not only can you get great rates on hotels, plug in the zip code and find deals to restaurants too!  My husband and I recently stayed in AC at the Borgata and got 2 tickets to the Burlesque show all for $75!  It was fantastic!

-Read the fine print but don’t just settle for anything.  Online deals sometimes make you stay on ‘off days’ or follow specific rules in order to get the discount.  Be sure to know ALL details before making a purchase.  Call them up and ask questions.  Also, if you are unhappy, tell someone while you’re there!

-Get feedback.  I met a lovely lady at the breakfast buffet that had a terrible stay in the hotel and I’m glad I heard her story.  It makes me think twice about using my own money to stay at Caesars, even though I personally had a great experience.  Read online reviews and/or ask your friends on social media too!

-Set a budget.  Just like most things, be realistic and take a pre-determined amount of money.  Keep in mind, emergencies happen so always have a back-up, but losing $25 in a slot machine isn’t an emergency.

-Live like a local.  Go to the restaurants off the beaten path.  Experience the different, odd museums.  Chances are, they are really awesome and not too expensive.  Check out buy Seroquel money buy.  She won’t let you down!

-Have fun!  Just remember to let loose and enjoy the time you spend there.  Here are some fun photos from our trip!

IMG_0236buy Seroquel with amex    online Seroquel purchase comprar Seroquel generico

I love Atlantic City and I would definitely return!  You can follow them on social media to plan your trip and keep up with all things AC:

Seroquel overnight cod

Facebook:how to buy Seroquel without a prescription

Twitter: Seroquel from india is it safe  #DoAC

Instagram: online Seroquel

Pinterestcheap Seroquel uk


I received a complimentary trip to Atlantic City from CrowdTap in exchange for my opinions.  I did not receive any other compensation.  All comments and/or viewpoints are my own.  Photos are my own as well.