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My kids and I were lucky enough to be invited to this year’s Baby Brunch, given by our local Macaroni Kids writer, Karie Twardus. Karie and her husband own buy Seroquel on line a local indoor inflatable fun park, so it was the perfect venue for families with small children!

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Winner has 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.  All entries will be verified and cheaters will be disqualified.  Good Luck!

Disclaimer:  I received complimentary products in exchange for my review.  All comments/opinions are my own.  No other compensation was received.

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It’s hard to believe but I wasn’t always this cheap (ahem, frugal).  I used to frivolously spend money on things that I didn’t need and/or couldn’t really afford.  I had just given birth to our first child when my husband and I decided to really buckle down and start being adults about money.  That’s when we also decided that I would quit my full time job of five years and become a stay at home mom.  We knew we would have to kiss our old lifestyle goodbye in order to pay off debt, buy a house and start a savings plan.  We knew HOW to do it, we just had to take the first step on this new journey.

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Sometimes I find myself busier during the winter than the summer!  Then other times, it feels like I’m going to kill somebody if I don’t find something to do outside of the house.  As you know, I also pride myself on finding free or reasonably priced events.  I am here to tell you that there are still a ton of fun, free (or low cost) events in your area, even in the winter.  Trust me.  We live in a beach town so if I can find stuff, you can too.  Some of the places that we find things to do include:

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Do you love to test out new products and give people your opinions?  I know I do.  I also love getting free stuff!  Who doesn’t?!?!  If you read my blog, you will notice that I’ve worked with Seroquel prescription quite a bit, both in the past and present.  #Influenster is an awesome company that sends out complimentary voxboxes to people in exchange for their opinions.  The voxboxes include all sorts of goodies and they are a blast to review!

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