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It’s that time of year when we can finally threaten to call Santa when our kids misbehave!  I look forward to it all year.  When I was a kid, I used to get a letter close to Christmas that told me that I was on the naughty list.  I was made to shape up or ship out in the attitude department.  Every.  Year.  I was very imaginative.  Let’s just put it that way.

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Start a new and memorable tradition this Christmas with, the ONLY Santa memory service that does it ALL! Personalized LETTERS, PACKAGES, CALLS and VIDEOS from SANTA!

Do you want to see your children’s face light up in amazement when they get a personalized letter from Santa Claus? Of course you do! This not just a letter from Santa. It’s an amazing experience – it’s joy, memories, wonder and happiness in a box! You can choose a specific letter theme and then customize it yourself to include details that only Santa would know!

Every package also comes with a FREE personalized CALL and VIDEO FROM SANTA that can be scheduled any time. This techy part of the was unreal! So surprisingly well done and high-end and my kids LOVED it!

It’s such a joy to see my children continue to BELIEVE and really helped make the magic happen in my household this year! So grateful!

PFS has an A+ Rating with the BBB due to their unmatched high-touch customer service so you can be confident that you are making a wise purchase. They have real people on the phone ready to help answer questions. That’s unheard of these days! Such a nice touch.

buy Seroquel free consultation to see a video to learn more about this very special Santa memory service that will be a part of my family for years to come!

The Silver Package ($24.95) comes in a red box & includes:

Personalized Letter from Santa
BONUS! Personalized Video from Santa (retail $9.99)
BONUS! Personalized Phone Call from Santa to a cell phone OR land line! (retail $9.99)
Personalized Nice List Certificate
Autographed Santa Claus Photo
Autographed Rudolph Photo
Genuine North Pole Stamp
…and so much more!

It also comes with a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Wow! They are THAT confident your child will LOVE it!

There are 3 different packages offered, so you can choose a price point that works with your budget. I will be reviewing the Silver package ($29.95).

Order this holiday must-have for your child at order Seroquel overnightand save 25% OFF your order when you use FAMS17 at checkout.

Stay tuned for my review!

Disclosure:  I received complimentary product in exchange for my review.  This is a sponsored post. I am a member of the US Family Guide Blogger Program.  No other compensation was received.

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If you have read any of my posts, you’ve pretty much figured out that I am a huge dork.  When I was a kid, my sister and I card-catalogued our books and had a pretty intense system.  Playing school with us was no joke.  I used to label anything and everything that I could get my hands on.  I had one of those plastic tape punch labelers, remember those.  Ugh, don’t pinch your fingers in one of those monsters.  They draw blood!

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Save 20% on Label Daddy labels! Label Daddy is the number one solution for labeling your belongings! New Holiday inspired Gift Tags, Return Address Labels and Gift Wrap Packs! All Christmas and Hannukah designs! Decorate, celebrate and enjoy! The entire Holiday Collection is waterproof and dishwasher safe! Made in the USA.

Be sure to stock up on everyday labels too. Remember to label all clothing, sports equipment, electronics, toys, and other personal belongings your kids bring to school, camp, sports leagues, day care, vacation, and other places. Label their holiday gifts too. Label Daddy labels keep belongings from getting lost or mixed up with others. These labels are also great for adults! — Put them on your sunglass/eyeglass case, phone, camera, sports equipment, tablet, e-reader, hats, clothing, and more.

Label Daddy labels are super durable peel-and-stick washable labels — they’re washer/dryer safe, microwave safe, dishwasher safe and UV resistant! Label Daddy labels are also fun and attractive. You design your own labels! Pick from tons of colors, sizes and logos, including Disney and Marvel characters, MLB, NBA, and NHL team logos, other sport and fun logos, and more. Their exclusive laminated coating gives labels an extra layer of protection and is a must for camp! These labels are made in the USA and shipped directly to you worldwide.

Save 20% on your entire Label Daddy order – this is the best discount available anywhere. Use code USFAMILY20 at checkout.

Look for my review soon!

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Disclaimer:  I am a member of USFamily Bloggers.  I receive complimentary products in exchange for my promotion.  All comments/opinions are my own.  No other compensation was received.

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This is a rerun but it’s been awhile.  Plus, I think it might interest people since it’s a few days after Valentine’s Day.  I love AFTER the holiday more than the actual holiday. Why?!?  Because that’s when I stock up on everything for next year!

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