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I love taking photos.  With smartphones, it’s even easier to document every aspect of your life.  However, I rarely ever do anything with those photos once I post them on social media.  I always get busy or lazy or whatever and the photos are just sitting on my phone or computer, begging to be shown! is a site that takes said photos and creates wonderful books that you can’t help but show everyone.

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I actually don’t mind cleaning my house.  The problem lies in finding the time.  With taking care of my kids and their activities, working part time and all of my activities, sometimes cleaning goes by the wayside.  That’s why I need products that do the most for my money and do it fast!

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I used to be a Snack Girl follower a long time ago.  I ended up following her on twitter and started reading her blog.  Then sadly to say, I lost interest.  Lisa Cain tries very hard to be funny and falls flat.  I just wasn’t seeing the allure. However, some of her recipes were tasty and pretty easy.  So when I saw that she published a cookbook, I was willing to give it a go.  I also had high hopes since, like I said before, I really enjoyed her healthy recipes.

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Winter is actually my favorite time of year besides fall.  It’s a time for cozy sweaters, craft fairs, decorating for the holidays and wonderful food!  Speaking of food, there is nothing better than a warm drink on a cold day.  What could be better than a warm cup of cocoa?  Swiss Miss has always been my favorite cocoa. There are tons of varieties are they have something for everyone.

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