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Have you ever read, Sarah Dessen’s book, The Moon and More?  I am addicted to Young Adult fiction, just ask our local librarian.  I have read and loved every one of her books.  Sarah Dessen has created a town in her books and if you read them in order, certain characters reoccur in each book.  But anyway, back to the topic at hand.

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The weather is warm and summer is upon us once again.  We are lucky enough to live close to the beach and you can bet that we enjoy it!  I was recently chosen for the Surfs Up Vox Box from Influenster.  This was a great one too.  It was like a little piece of summer inside a box!

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It included Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Shampoo and Conditioner.  They are a texturizing set and they make you look like you just left the beach!  I can’t wait to try them!

First Aid Shot Therapy is a liquid pain relief shot.  I have a lot of back pain and I get frequent headaches so I will give this little guy a shot.  haha.  Pun intended.

I already painted my nails with the SinfulColors Professional Nail Polish that I received.  I got the color, Anchors Away and it fits my personality perfectly.

I’ve never tried Jamba Juice since there isn’t a store near up but I am very happy that they started selling Smoothie Kits in grocery stores!  I am all about smoothies right now and so is my daughter.  I’ll use my coupon wisely!

Last but not least, Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun was sent to me a few days later.  This stuff smells amazing and it will feel great after a day at the beach or pool.

I can’t wait to test out and review these products.  Look out for more posts as get down to business! Have a great week!


Disclaimer: I received complimentary products from Infleunster in exchange for my reviews.  No other compensation was received.  All comments/opinions are my own.

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I love trying new skin care. I am actually kind of obsessed with it. I love to read about new products and new ways to get my skin looking its best. It’s not necessarily an anti-aging thing (well, maybe a little). It’s more of a preventative thing. I’ve had two skin cancer spots removed from my back at a very young age. After something like that, you start to take your skin very seriously. So when I recently won the chance to review the Control Corrective skincare system, I was naturally ecstatic!

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Control Corrective sent me an Essential Daily Care Kit to try. It’s good for all skin types. It has natural ingredients and it’s free of parabens, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, phthalates, and triclosan, which are all bad junk that ruins your skin. The more natural, the better, I say.

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I tried the kit for a month. I was pleased with the fragrance. The facial wash and the toner smelled so good, like aloe. They went on smooth and left my skin feeling refreshed. I keep my facial wash in the shower so I remember to use it and also in order to multi-task and save time.

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That being said, the other steps were a bit too involved. There are four steps to the system. You use them in the morning and at night. There is a facial wash, a balancing toner, a crystal c serum and a ceramide daily cream. You have to let your face dry between the toner and the crystal c serum. I barely have 10 minutes to myself in the morning. If I do this system properly, I lose about 8. Not to mention that I get almost no privacy. So this just wasn’t practical for me and my routine. Another thing was that the ceramide daily cream felt a little heavy on my face. I had to wait for it to dry before applying my make-up. It also made me break out a bit.
Unfortunately, I loved the concept but I didn’t have the time or the skin type to be able to enjoy the benefits. I really struggled to find the time to use this for a month. It’s not conducive to my lifestyle. I think I need something a bit stronger in the break out department as well. This has always been a catch 22 for me though, since I have extremely sensitive skin. If I use benzyl peroxide, I can forget about having smooth skin for a few days. My face will feel like the Sahara desert, with a huge red patch to match! Then if I use something for combination skin, I can count on a few big honking zits, right on my chin or forehead. I can’t seem to win. I honestly think that the Control Corrective Daily Care Kit would work best on combination skin. It’s a high quality regimen and they don’t test on animals. Try it for yourself! I suggest trying the Essentials To Go size, like I received. That way you can try a small amount to see if it works for you, without taking a gamble and spending an unnecessary amount of money.
What are you currently using on your skin? How do you like it? Have you tried anything in the past that you would recommend?
For great skin care tips and more, follow Control Corrective on social media:
Facebook: Seroquel cheap mexican
Twitter: buy Seroquel on line amex
Disclaimer: I received these complimentary products as part of the birchbloggers program from birchbox. No other compensation was received. All comments and/or opinions are my own.

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After a full day of watching my two kids and a full night arranging fixtures at a department store, I am tired, to say the least.  Everyone is asleep when I get home so that’s my time to unwind and enjoy myself.  My ‘me time,’ in other words.  Some nights, I go online or read a book.  Sometimes, I read our local weekly paper without any interruptions.  Sounds nice, doesn’t it?  Last night, I decided to break out the Boots Botanics Ionic Clay Mask that I received in my J’Adore Vox Box from Influenster.

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I love a good face mask. They really make your skin feel fresh and clean.  I am already familiar with Boots since I follow them on buy Seroquel amex and buy Seroquel cod.  I remember the Boots drug stores when I lived in London during college.  They are such a great drug store and I wish we had the exact same thing here.  They sold the best sandwiches.  Their pharmacist was always friendly and helpful too.  Pharmacists can prescribe medicine to you in the UK.  So it came in handy when we got sick.  So this mask stirs up old memories too, which  is pleasant.  🙂

I took my pajamas into the bathroom (my favorite flannel plastic flamingo ones), turned on the hot water and went to work.  I am starting to get a cold so the steam helped clear up my sinuses.  I applied the mask and let it dry for 10 minutes.

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I then jumped into the shower and rinsed it off.  We have great water pressure so the stream felt so good on my face.  It felt like I was at the spa.  It’s the little things in life, people.  I wasn’t rushed.  No one had a catastrophe.  After I was finished, my face felt wonderful.  It was so fresh and clean.  It looked great too!

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You can see the pjs in this photo a little!  But anyhoo, Boots Botanics Ionic Clay Mask promises to remove impurities and deeply cleanse your skin.  I believe it does just that. It uses the power of plants to make you look radiant.  I really like that it’s so natural and doesn’t have any weird fragrances.  It willow bark in it, which naturally contains salicylic acid and removes dead skin cells.  Willow bark also has anti-inflammatory properties. Sea silt, or natural oceanic clay,  is also found in this mask. Clay is so great at removing oil from your skin and contains anti-inflammatory properties too.  In other words, your skin won’t age prematurely.  I was pleased with the results and it really helped me rejuvenate after a long day.  I will be using it once a week from now on to keep my skin clean and young-looking.

You can check out Boots Botanics:

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On buy Seroquel amex!

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How about you?  What do you like to do when you want to relax?

Disclaimer:  I received complimentary products from Influenster in exchange for my review.  Comments and opinions are my own. 

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We had an extremely busy Saturday, like most families.  We took a day trip to Baltimore to attend a memorial service for my husband’s grandfather.  Since we don’t get there too often, we also decided to visit my grandmom and then make a stop at our friends’ new house.  Baltimore is about 2+ hours away from us.  Not a bad drive but with two kids under 3, sometimes things can get a little harried.  As long as I have snacks, I can usually keep my kids at bay.  So you can imagine how thankful I was to receive a big red package from pharmacy Seroquel, just in time for our trip!

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Note the little arm reaching inside.  She was excited since she loves their pouches!  I packed those babies up in our pharmacy Seroquel/TerraCycle lunchbag that we won in a photo contest and we were set to go on our trip!

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The thing I love about pharmacy Seroquel is that their products are USDA organic and don’t contain GMO’s (genetically modified ingredients).  They are very handy for on the go and are just downright tasty!  pharmacy Seroquel doesn’t dilute the flavors and they don’t add water.  All of the complex ingredients also ensure that my kids are getting a well-rounded palate at an early age! They come in brightly colored packaging, with tasty combinations that are sure to make any kid ask for ‘mo!’  😉   I know my kids enjoy them!

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I like the pouches because sometimes I can’t control what foods we eat on the road because of what’s available but at least I know that their snacks were healthy and tasty.  Plus, they can eat these with minimal supervision.  The baby can’t even eat solid foods yet so these are perfect for him.  Yes, that is a boy baby.  Please excuse the pink Pooh Bear bib leftover from my daughter.

Ella’s Kitchen offers a wide variety of choices for all tastes and ages too!  From First Tastes for your baby, up to Toddler Meals.  We received The Green One, an apple, pear, kiwi, banana smoothie that my daughter chose first.  My son ate the Pears, Peas and Broccolli Ella’s 1 pouch, which is dairy and wheat-free.  He has a milk allergy so this really fit the bill.  We also received an apples, green beans and raisins pouch and two Yum Yummy Apple and Ginger Baby Cookies.  We knew we would enjoy those since we have a box of the Yum Yummy Milk & Vanilla Baby Cookies in the cupboard already!  My daughter also enjoys the Mangoes and Carrots Nibbly Fingers Snack Bars.

Our trip went very well since we were prepared.  It was literally an all day trip too, with us leaving at 9am and not getting home until 11:30pm.  The kids were such troopers and we all had a good visit with family and friends.

Visit Ella’s Kitchen on their website:  Seroquel sale!  Their website is really cute!

Or like them on Facebook:  buy Seroquel money buy!  They run fun giveaways and contests.  They also post cute kid-related stuff!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.  I received complimentary products in exchange for my review.  Opinions and comments are my own.  No other compensation was received.