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I love taking photos.  With smartphones, it’s even easier to document every aspect of your life.  However, I rarely ever do anything with those photos once I post them on social media.  I always get busy or lazy or whatever and the photos are just sitting on my phone or computer, begging to be shown! is a site that takes said photos and creates wonderful books that you can’t help but show everyone.


My daughter has a doll named Tay Tay that we take with us on all of our day to day excursions.  I then post the photos into a special album on Facebook.  I took those photos and created a book documenting her adventures.  My daughter loves it!  It was so easy to too, since has this awesome feature that takes all the photos you uploaded and creates a collage on every page. even has an option to put a collage on the front that includes every photo in the book.  It literally takes a minute and it DOES THE WORK FOR YOU!


My biggest complaint with photo books was taking hours placing the photos and captioning and all that stuff.  I made these two books in maybe 10 minutes.  It was fun and so easy.  I made both an 11.5x 8.5 Hardcover book and an 8x 6 Softcover book.

The Hardcover book documents our trip to Sesame Place in October.  My daughter and son had such a great time and this book is tough enough that they can look at the pages over and over again. The quality is great too.  I did do a little tweaking with this one just to put all the ride photos together, the show photos together and so on.  But again, I made both books in one sitting and it only took me about 10 minutes.


I love since you can choose from a variety of projects and get them done in as much or as little time as you have.  They shipped quickly and the company kept me updated throughout the entire process.  These books make a great gift for the holidays, come in a variety of sizes and the site has something to fit every budget.  I will definitely be using their services again.  Be sure to look for online coupons or join their mailing list.

Who is on your list that would enjoy a photo book or gift?  Check them out here!

Disclaimer:  I was provided two complimentary photo books as part of the US Family Blogger Program, in exchange for my review. No other compensation was received.  All comments/opinions are my own.

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