is a great resource!

Thinking of buying a new (or new to you) car and wonder where to start?  Wondering how much a certain car repair should cost to get fixed?  You can answer these questions and more using the website.

It’s easy to navigate and provides a wealth of information. shows you how to install child car seats in all different types of cars.  It even rates them!  Any parent knows that safely installing a car seat can be a bear so this part of the site is extremely helpful!

You can get tons of reviews for different cars on  I looked up our car just for curiosity sake and it has very high reviews.  We ended up getting a great deal on a used car a few years ago and this site just confirms it even more.

They have a page on American Made cars and even a multi-car comparison page.  There are lessons for first time car buyers and videos from auto shows, not to mentions the massive database of new and used cars available to browse.  This site really is a one stop shop when you need information on cars!

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