LuxyHome Anti-Slip Bath Mat Review!

My kids’ safety is my biggest concern.  I don’t know many moms who wouldn’t agree with that statement.  I like having a bath mat in the tub so they won’t slip.  You know all about bath time.  The kids are standing in the tub.  Water and bubbles everywhere.  You get wet and someone usually ends up crying.  Well, those can now be tears of joy since no one slipped and killed themselves!

The LuxyHome Bath Mat is awesome since it’s anti-slip and antibacterial. It won’t get all gross!  I hate when my bathmat gets all moldy on the bottom because I forget to air it out once or twice (or five) times.  Hey, we all get busy, right?

Anyway, it’s made of a heavy duty rubber and it suctions itself to the bottom of our tub for added security.  It also comes with a little scrubby!  What’s not to like?!?!


You can check it out on Amazon, right here.


Disclaimer: I received free product in exchange for my honest review.  All comments/opinions are my own.  No other compensation was received. 

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