Mailbox Monday!


I got a lot of good stuff this week!  Free magazines (I promised myself awhile ago, that I will never pay for a magazine subscription) from various sources.  There is a pretty glass from, two Special K Coffeehouse Protein Shakes from BzzAgent, Sweet Potato chips from Betty Crocker. The FiberOne fruit snacks are from LiveBetterAmerica.  Two samples of Clear Shampoo came from PinchMe.  The Minties dog bone came from a facebook giveaway and the NeuroSleep came from a facebook giveaway too.  Have you gotten anything good in your mailbox lately?

Disclaimer: On Mailbox Monday, I only post things that I’ve received 100% free in the mail.  They come from samples, giveaways, contests, etc.  I have not put any money out to receive anything pictured.

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