Sticking It To You: My experience with the DRS Derma Roller system

Right now, dermarollers are all the rage.  I realize that I am showing my age by using the term ‘all the rage’ and I really don’t care.  😉 Speaking of aging…


What’s a derma roller, you ask?  Well, I had to look it up too so don’t feel bad.  It’s a little roller (reminiscent of a lint roller) that pokes your skin with hundreds of tiny needles.  Why would you want to do that?  The needles poke your skin and require it to produce more collagen.  That, in turn will plump your skin in the affected area and reduce the signs of aging, along with acne scars.  The size of the needles range from .20 millimeters (light acne scars) all the way up to 3.0 millimeters (professional use).  The DRS Derma Roller I received was a 1.0 millimeter.  It’s recommended for deep acne scars, surgery scars, cellulite and stretch marks.

I was really excited to try this since I love testing out new skin care trends and I also wanted to see if it hurt as badly as I suspected.  The directions were pretty straight forward and easy to follow.  They do sell a ‘numbing agent’ but I didn’t use one.  I figured, no guts, no glory.

Cleanse your face thoroughly before using.  This is a no brainer since you are punching holes in your skin and you don’t want to punch dirt through said holes.  Then you just roll the DRS Derma Roller on your face with an even pressure.  I didn’t think it hurt that bad.  I’m guessing I could’ve done it much harder but 1) I wasn’t out to bleed and 2) this was my first rodeo.  After you are finished, you apply a skin serum to your face.  I chose to use Adella Skincare Vitamin C Serum.  I actually think that my skin felt really refreshed after using it.  Yes, it hurt a little but I can’t wait to see if I get actual results from it.  The DRS Derma Roller runs less than $15 so you won’t use your life savings to try it.

Here are some tips to remember:

Only use your derma roller 1-2 times per week.  You need to allow time for the skin to heal.

This is for personal use.  Do not let anyone else use your derma roller.

Use sunscreen on the affected area and try to avoid direct exposure for a week after treatment.

Disinfect your roller each time using alcohol to prevent infection.

You need to be a little tolerant to pain. After all, they are needles.

Watch out for the needle size.  Do not use needles that are too thick and might damage your face.


You can check out a derma roller for yourself right here.

How about it?  Have you ever tried a derma roller or do you want to try one?

Disclaimer:  I received complimentary products in exchange for my opinions.  All comments/views are my own.




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