Things To Do: Winter Edition!

Sometimes I find myself busier during the winter than the summer!  Then other times, it feels like I’m going to kill somebody if I don’t find something to do outside of the house.  As you know, I also pride myself on finding free or reasonably priced events.  I am here to tell you that there are still a ton of fun, free (or low cost) events in your area, even in the winter.  Trust me.  We live in a beach town so if I can find stuff, you can too.  Some of the places that we find things to do include:

*Your local library– The children’s librarian is a godsend.  Ours has events ALL THE TIME, in addition to a weekly story time.  Right now, there’s even a winter reading program going on, complete with a pizza party at the end!  This photo was from last year’s event.


*Malls-A lot of malls have started having a kid’s club, where it’s either free or low cost and they host activities each month.  The kids love it!

*Stay and Play– This is part of Parents as Teachers.  This group meets once a week and has tons of toys to play with and crafts.  There’s a story time at the end as well.  It lasts about an hour and and a half.  We’re taking Tay-Tay (our version of Flat Stanley) for a ride!


*Restaurants– They want your business so they create fun things to do in order to get you in during the week!  This was when we got a behind the scenes tour at Chick-Fil-A!


*Meet Up-This site tells you all the groups in your area and the weekly events that they host.  It’s a great resource for someone new to the area or for someone looking for stuff to do.  Check it out!  Our MOMS club is having a FREE event next weekend, if you are local!


*MOPSMothers of Preschoolers is a group that meets in local churches and provides childcare so that moms can have some ‘me time.’  It really helps.  Trust me.  I’m the Craft Coordinator for my group and I love it!


*Churches– Our church has tons of events lined up for winter.  For instance, this weekend we’re having a Soup n Slippers ladies’ event.  You don’t have to be a member of the church to attend most events and you can find them on their websites.

*Boys and Girls Club– If there is a YMCA or a Boys and Girls Club in your area, by all means, take advantage of it!  Ours has Family Nights where we do crafts and play games and they open the indoor pool for anyone to use.  My daughter loves them!  This was at their Cinco de Mayo event.  They have one each month.


*Bookstores- These are starting to be a thing of the past, sadly.  But if your area has a Barnes and Noble or a local book store, they usually host special events every now and again.


I hope this helps motivate you to find cheap and entertaining events in your area. We’re usually out and about around 3-4 times per week.  The nice thing is that with these events you can choose to participate as much or as little as you want.



What do you do for fun?  Where do you go?  While most of my list is geared towards kids, there are tons of fun free things for adults to do too.  You just have to know where to look!




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